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Our magazine and website has been at the fore of innovations in the world of paving and asphalt, for seven years now.

Launched in 2010, we have been setting the standard in case studies and research into all types of paving – both commercial, industrial and residential.

Whether you are a home owner, looking to make some DIY improvements to your driveway, or a commercial business owner, who wants to know if they can handle their maintenance in house, we aim to help you.

We can give you all the industry hints and tips, when it comes to repairing and restoring your own driveway or how to lay your own sidewalk.

We will help you weigh up and decide for yourself if you should get the professional contractors in, or if it is something that is worth attempting for yourself.

Our handy ‘how to’ guides help to de mystify the whole process of asphalting and seal coating, so the general reader can assess for themselves whether this is something they want to do for themselves, or not!

We are read by engineers, designers and professionals of all stripes across the paving industry, including CEOs and executive directors.

Therefore, we have a broad appeal and speak to all involved in the business – as well as homeowners, looking for some professional tips.

Our website has more information and news about paving and asphalting, including all the most up to date happenings and events in the business.

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